Maserati Photo Shoot, Starring Supermodel Heidi Klum

She’s still got it, folks.

Heidi Klum has done it again in this Maserati photo shoot. The cover girl of the 1998 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has been in the modeling business for over ten years now, and she still looks great–even next to the likes of Kate Upton and Lily Aldridge. It’s hard to believe that the German supermodel turns 41 this week (which is like 95 in model years), but as you can see, the mother of four still somehow manages to look gorgeous.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Heidi and Maserati teamed up for a “Beyond Swimsuit” photo shoot.

If you were able to take your eyes off of Heidi for just a second, you would see the souped-up Maserati GranTurismo looking almost as beautiful as the supermodel herself.

You probably wouldn’t expect Sports Studio to have worked on this commercial, but the racing helmet Heidi holds as she struts around the Italian racecar was actually designed by our wardrobe division. Sports Studio supplies productions with all sorts of equipment that doesn’t necessarily come directly from our licensing agreements with major sports leagues. If you find your production in need of sporting equipment of any variety, Sports Studio can help. Contact us here to request our services for your next production.


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