2011 Emmy’s Opening: “Glee” Cheerleading and football uniforms

For Glee, it’s all song and dance, all the time. So when Glee star Jane Lynch hosted the 63rd installment of the Primetime Emmy awards, there was no time wasted getting right into an eight-minute musical medley.

Traveling through the television world, crossing shows and networks alike, poking fun at every show along the way, Lynch was able to shine comedically and even musically in this all out number.

We know that you know that musicals aren’t in Sports Studio’s typical daily line-up, but every day something different comes through our door. And that day it was a call for a set of red “Glee-looking” cheerleader outfits and a partially equipped football team for the Emmy’s.

While we have worked with Glee in the past, we cannot take credit for their cheerleading outfits. However, Sports Studio found the proper instruments, so to speak, and was right on key to harmonize with this musical spectacular.

And here’s another look at our wardrobe in Emmy action:

From poms to football belts, Sports Studio’s attention to detail definitely hit the right note at this year’s Emmy’s.