Archive: May 2011

Edge Shave Gel Commercial

In the age of Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World and Old Spice’s fantastical nameless spokesperson, advertising has taken an especially manly turn towards the ridiculous and the odd. With outlandish statements and wacky

Tosh.0 Boxing Robe and Shorts

We have made custom wardrobe for Daniel Tosh’s hit show on Comedy Central before, and it never ceases to amaze us how it ends up in Tosh.0. This time, Tosh needed a boxing outfit. But not just any boxing outfit, he needed a custom sewn

Wayne Gretzky Shape-ups Commercial

You’re going to have to take our word on this one, but we make everything, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t. This new Skechers Shape-ups ad, featuring Wayne Gretzky, needed a practice hockey sweater for The Great One. So who

Hall of Fame- The Replacements Uniforms

After Bill and Ted had their excellent adventure, after officer Jack Traven saved a bus full of people (most importantly Sandra Bullock) after Neo had to decide between the red pill and the blue pill, Shane Falco became a national hero in The

Kobe and Turkish Airlines Commercial

Turkish Airlines may not be a household name here in America, but Kobe is a name that is internationally recognizable. You know you’re big, when you can be identified by one name. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the

Soulja Boy Tell ’em- Birdwalk Jersey

Rapper Soulja Boy Tell ’em has been around the hip hop scene for a few years now, having burst onto the scene with 2007’s hit “Crank that (Soulja Boy).” Now 20, Soulja Boy is still in the game, building up a solid arsenal