Archive: September 2011

Hall of Fame-Angels in the Outfield

Although we have been around as Sportsrobe for 40 years, some things can still make us feel old. Here’s one that did: Angels in the Outfield. Hitting the big screen all the way back in 1994, this Disney Classic features a post-Back to the

Coors Light Tailgating with Herm Edwards

Nothing screams football more than a round of icy cold beers. In promoting their latest game time commercial, Coors Light went straight to the pros. The frost brewed company turned to former player, coach, and NFL analyst Herman Edwards and

America’s Got Talent: The Miami All-Stars

As most of you know, Sports Studio is known for working on sports related commercials, television shows and feature films, but what you may not know is that we appeal to all avenues of the entertainment industry including network television