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Putnam Investments- Patriots Commercial

Sometimes at Sports Studio things get so busy that we can’t keep track of all the jobs we have done. Luckily for us, when you work in sports, watch sports and devour sports all day on the interwebs, sometimes our jobs pop up and smack us

Head & Shoulders Commercial with Troy Polamalu

A few months back, Sports Studio’ wardrobe consultant, Gus, was on set for the Head and Shoulder’s shoot with Troy Polamalu, Brett Keisel and Hines Ward. For that spot, we wardrobed the athletes as well as cast some of our very own

Wiz Khalifa- “Young, Wild and Free”

In the fall of 1987, while a young Calvin Broadus was attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born in North Dakota. Well despite a 16 year age difference, the platinum selling recording artists Snoop Dogg

Ford F-150: Victory Dance

Back in 2006 the NFL clamped down on touchdown celebrations. Because of this, celebrations such as Terrell Owens dancing with pom poms, Ochocinco putting footballs with pylons, or Randy Moss pretending to moon the crowd will be things of the

Yahoo! New Homepage

This weekend, while updating one of our numerous fantasy football rosters on Yahoo!, we came across one of our pieces. But we don’t want to just tell you which person is dressed in our outfit, we want you to guess. So please take part in

Zendaya: “Dig Down Deeper”

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. Whether it’s in a movie, TV show, music video, or photo shoot, every aspect of each frame is carefully planned and contemplated. When the average viewer sees the final

Football Freakonomics: Icing the Kicker

A few months ago, while we were on set of the new Head and Shoulders’ Commercial, we introduced you to Athlete Justin Skinner. With a profile on our site and a professional kicking resume, Sports Studio has helped

Head & Shoulders—Troy Polamalu “Lyin’ Fool”

While the Pittsburgh Steeler players are predominately known for their football abilities, each of them has something else that makes them special– Troy Polamalu is know for his hair, Brett Keisel is know for his beard, and Hines Ward is know

Allstate Insurance- Mayhem, the streaker

Whenever a streaker storms the field in professional sports, much to our disappointment, the cameras are turned off. We are forced to listen to the announcers apologize for the inconvenience as “some idiot is running into left

2011 Bud Light NFL Commercials

This season, NFL halftimes, time outs and game breaks have been filled with Bud Light commercials. But unlike year’s past, Bud Light is keeping their football commercials out of the stadiums. You could say that this year is the year of the