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LG Spectrum with ESPN’s Stuart Scott

You know the type: face always buried in their smart phone– on their way to work, coming home from work, at their kids soccer game, running into you at the grocery store, driving, ignoring the person talking to them and generally unaware of the

Football Freakonomics: Injuries

From 10-6 last year to 2-14 this year, from the 4th best offense in 2010 to the 30th in 2011, it’s easy to see that Peyton Manning’s surgery crushed the Indianapolis Colts this year. Or did it? The guys from Football Freakonomics and

Sports Studio Open House 2012: Photoblog

On January 17th, 2012 Sports Studio hosted our first ever Open House. From repainting the floors to laying carpet for a cocktail area, we pulled out all the stops to turn our warehouse into a comfortable lounge. Rather than traditional

2011 Highlight Reel

Sports Studio was a part of some of 2011’s biggest projects in scripted sports content. From this summer’s biggest blockbuster– The Dark Knight Rises– to hundreds of commercials that you see everyday, Sports Studio was an integral

Football Freakonomics: Tebow Timing

160 times in one hour. That’s how many Tebow references ESPN made in one hour of Sportscenter. Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing sports figures ever. People love to talk about him. And “love” might not be a strong enough

Magnus Rex (The Dark Knight Rises)- Trailer

We have to be honest– we lied to you. It wasn’t a big lie, just a small one, a white lie if you will. You probably knew we were lying anyway. A few months ago, we were promoting a huge casting call for next summer’s blockbuster movie

Taco Bell- The Taco 12 Pack

If you’re going to a party, a tailgate, a bar mitzvah, quinceanera or a date, Taco Bell wants you to say something about yourself and bring their Taco 12 Pack. Now you may ask, what’s in the Taco 12 Pack? Good question, the answer