Archive: March 2012

Nike v. Reebok: Tebowmania

The last week of March usually isn’t a big week for the NFL. Maybe a few Pro-days here and there, but with the draft still a month away, nothing too crazy usually happens. We would like to emphasize our use of the qualifier,

Necessary Roughness Season 2 Trailer

Maybe you missed our first open casting call for Season 2 of the USA’s hit show Necessary Roughness. The good news for you is that we are continuously casting for the show throughout the second season on In related

Magic Bird, Sports Studio, On Broadway (Pictures)

We just saw some of the first shots of our wardrobe on Broadway from Magic Bird and we had to share them with you. If you would to like to see our work in detail for this project, that can be seen HERE and HERE. Check back for more updates on

Tosh.0 Spring Break in the Sports Studio Parking Lot

On our block, we have several sound stages. Ari’s office from Entourage was across the street, Hell’s Kitchen next door, Power Rangers was just down the street and even MacGyver was our very building. And we’re not allowed to

Allstate’s March Mayhem

If you’re looking for something to blame your busted NCAA bracket, blame Mayhem. Go ahead, eschew the responsibility. It’s Mayhem’s fault anyway. See, told you so. We’re no stranger to Mayhem, as he ran streaked through

Ping- Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson

Most of the time, our clients call for the standard run of the mill sports, you know, like football, basketball, soccer, track, tennis, fencing, wrestling, baseball, cheerleading, auto-racing, swimming, karate, hockey, boxing, dancing, cycling,

Sports Studio announces relationship with Toolshed

(From Left: Toolshed’s Gregg Olson and Sports Studio CEO Mark Koesterer) Sports Studio is proud to announce our newest business relationship with Toolshed Sports International, an innovator in performance base-layer technology. As