Archive: May 2012

Taco Bell- Nacho Superstar

To be honest, we thought this commercial was never going to get out of the can. Filmed last Summer/Early Fall, baseball season came and went without so much as a hint of when it was going to hit screens. For the last 10 months or so, this has


As a steadfast name in the Industry, we are able to provide the appropriate wardrobe props and equipment for any sports production. Visit the Wardrobe page for some more info.

Cici’s Pizza Buffet- The MELTDOWN

We’ve seen our fair share of epic sports meltdowns, like when Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy went off the deep end or when Minor League manager Phil Hellman lost himself and threw a rosin bag grenade. But we can’t remember a

JCPenney- May is Blooming-Kids Baseball

The colors in the new JCPenney commercial are wild. The heavily stylized, dated feel to this commercial is a stark contrast to what else is running on the tube. At Sports Studio, we don’t just carry your regular run of the mill jerseys, oh

Crooked Arrows- Behind the Lacrosse Action

We are 10 days away from the release of our first ever co-production, Crooked Arrows, on May 18th. And as we count down, the Crooked Arrows team is unloading all kinds of awesome content on the interwebs. This video featuring Sports Studio

Ram Trucks- Guts and Glory

With baseball kicking off compounded by the NHL and NBA Playoffs, our TVs are on all day, everyday. With the excess of games, news, notes and trades, we have plenty to watch on our office plasma. And a lot of sports means a lot of new

The Dark Knight Rises- Trailer 3

You may remember our huge casting call in Pittsburgh last summer we called, “Magnus Rex.” Well, it was actually for The Dark Knight Rises. If you need a bit of a refresher course, check out our first post about the trailer. Earlier

Dairy Queen- Bears Eating Blizzards

Dairy Queen called, they wanted us to design bears. So we did. We should probably clarify, we designed the bears who were eating the blizzards. These bears- Oops, our mistake. We didn’t design those bears eating blizzards, we created these