Archive: June 2012

Keep Her in the Game

When girls are 14, they are twice as likely to drop out of sports as boys. That’s a pretty startling statistic for a sports crazed society. And it’s not a good one either. Let this commercial, which is sponsored by Gatorade, explain


Take your project to the next level with Sports Studio’s creative department. We are here to solidify the look of your uniforms before manufacturing begins. This means fabric and color selection, logo development, uniform design and

Nascar on Fox: Dick Berggren’s Retirement

Nascar isn’t in our regular sport viewing plans, but two weeks ago we made it a priority. About a week before the race at Dover, our friends over at Fox Sports, who we work with regularly during the NFL season, called us with a request

Slinky Baseball- CenturyLink

Chances are you’ve seen a slinky at some point during your life. That is, unless your parents robbed you of your childhood. For your sake, we hope you have played with a slinky. The children’s toy that blurs the line between physics

’42 (The Jackie Robinson Story) uniforms

A couple months back, we helped cast baseball players for the upcoming film ’42 with Harrison Ford and Academy Award winning Director Brian Helgeland. What we didn’t tell you was that we were also making the period uniforms for the

Chobani Champions with Jennie Finch

You may have noticed that Greek yogurt has taken over your dairy section at the supermarket. And for good reason, the yogurt has more protein, less fat and is creamier than the standard run of the mill yogurt. Skeptical about the taste?

Jim Parsons playing baseball

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The star of The Big Bang Theory playing baseball, kind of. Jim Parsons didn’t necessarily play baseball as much as he dressed up as a 1920’s baseball player, posed awkwardly and made silly