Archive: August 2012

Dr. Pepper Ten- Fantasy Football

In the past 20 years, there are very few developments that have changed our lives the way fantasy football has. Sure, you could say that the advancements in cell phones, wi-fi, hybrid vehicles, HD-TVs, NFL Sunday Ticket and I-pads have had a

Victor Cruz Jersey

Anyone out there a fan of Victor Cruz, the most explosive break-out player from the 2011/12 season? Well we have been fortunate enough to work with Mr. Salsa himself recently, and he provided some gear for us to enjoy. We decided to give back to

Win a signed Victor Cruz Jersey

So you want to win a signed Victor Cruz jersey? Well here’s your chance. We thought about just giving it away, but where’s the fun in random selection? We want you to earn this signed piece of memorabilia. So here’s what we

Jordan: This is Where it Starts

When some of the biggest brands in the world are in a crunch for entertainment replicas, they turn to Sports Studio to get the job done and to get it done right. This Jordan Olympics’ commercial was no exception. Here are some pictures of