Archive: September 2012

Behind the Scenes- Dr. Pepper 10

When clients want their sports wardrobe t’s crossed and their i’s dotted, they bring a Sports Studio wardrobe consultant on set. Our Sport-Tech program is there to ensure the authenticity of the sports wardrobe for the shoot,

2012 Sunday Night Football- Faith Hill

You won’t hear this song on the radio any time soon, at least we hope not. But pre-game network football songs have become somewhat of an NFL tradition. Cheesy lyrics? Absolutely. Cameos by the league’s best? Why not. Bright,

42 Trailer

1 legend. 750 custom manufactured uniforms by Sports Studio. 1 epic trailer. Check back here for exclusive behind the scenes access as we get closer to the film’s release in April.

Maryland Lottery- Medal Madness

We get weird requests all the time. Do you have stadium seats? Do you have one of those t-shirt launching cannon-things? Can you make a brown version of the Oregon Duck Costume in a day? No, no and no. But when the request is sane, practical and

The Stanley Cup and Sports Studio

This year, the Stanley Cup made an unexpected detour to Los Angeles. When the season started, no one had the Kings taking down the crown. No one even picked them when the playoffs started. Didn’t matter, they cruised through the playoffs

Trouble With The Curve

Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, John Goodman and Justin Timberlake star in Warner Brothers next major release: Trouble With The Curve. Sports Studio provided a full range of creative services for multiple teams in the film, as well manufacturing all

Trouble with the Curve- Logos

We’re not going to lie. When it comes to creating logos for sports teams, our creative department is the best in the entertainment business. And when the wardrobe team from Trouble with the Curve needed professional-looking baseball team

Dr. Pepper TEN

New Dr. Pepper spot with our football gear. Sports Studio’s On-Set services were used to ensure the proper look for all of the shots you see. Click here for more…

Old Spice with Greg Jennings

If we told you that an actor pops out from inside a dog suit and a tree pulls off its top to reveal another actor and those guys are having a conversation with the Packers’ Greg Jennings on a soundstage set to look like Lambeau Field,