Archive: October 2012

How to be Cast in Hollywood

We all know the story of Usher discovering Justin Bieber on Youtube. And while that’s great for the Biebs, it’s the exception to the rule. For most of Hollywood’s elite, their lucky break came from years of hard work, grinding

NFL Evolution

The NFL has updated it’s popular ‘Evolution’ commercial with fresh music and voice-over (yes Ray Lewis), but the 100 years of quality uniforms remain. Check it out…

Costas At The Movies

You may have seen that Bob Costas will be revisiting classic baseball films from history this month on the MLB Network. The Series is aptly titled ‘Costas At The Movies’ and wouldn’t you know, Sports Studio had a hand in every

Who makes the best sports uniforms? (review)

It’s hard to say, really. If the question were an easy one, then one brand would be outfitting all of the professional sports leagues and college teams in the country. And yes, sponsorship money does play a role in what team wears what

Zaxby’s with Clay Matthews

There are a few things about this commercial we don’t quite understand: Why this woman is slapping Clay Matthews’ butt Why she is slapping anyone’s butt while they’re eating Why she doesn’t check to see who’s

Gillette: Clay Matthews Upside Down

We want to let you in on a Sports Studio inside joke. Well, it’s not a joke so much as it is a fun fact. One of our most read blog posts ever is last October’s cover of Muscle and Fitness, featuring a shirtless Clay Matthews. Since

Mastercard- Stand Up to Cancer

People are inspiring. Big and small, young and old, every day ordinary people are courageous. They stare down death. They overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. They continue on in hopeless situations. They do it without thanks, rewards or

Fox NFL Sunday- Riggle’s Picks

You may remember him from his correspondent work on The Daily Show, a one season cast member on Saturday Night Live or his role as a cop in The Hangover, but what Rob Riggle is currently up to may be some of his best work yet. The US Marine