Archive: June 2013

Sports Marketing HOF – Fathead Twitter

Brought to you by Sports Studio Sports Studio has scoured the Internet in search of the best digital marketing in sports. In this series we will take an in depth look at what you can learn from the best sports brands out there. He towered over

NCAA School Spirit in the Classroom

The clock is ticking. The crowd is on the edge of their seat. You’re panicking, frantically thinking about your next move. Everyone is anxiously waiting on you. You choose C. Boom. The crowd erupts. In this commercial from the NCAA, a student

Digital Marketing – The Crosby Club

We at Sports Studio are proud to announce our first Digital Marketing Client in the Golf space, the Crosby Club at Rancho Santa Fe. Through content marketing and social media management, we have empowered the club to build their own digital

Who made Colton Haynes Dr. Pepper Jacket?

Nothing defines an athlete like their letterman jacket. From their talents to their achievements, the jacket tells a story. In Dr. Pepper’s case, it looks like they have added Colton Haynes to their Varsity Roster. For those of you who don’t