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Where Can I Rent Cheerleader Uniforms?

Do you have a favorite cheerleading movie? There have been many produced since cheer & dance first became popular. We’ve helped in everything from movies, TV shows, and commercials. We did outfits for the popular movie series “Bring it on”,

The Drew League featuring Kevin Durant

Rumors had been pouring in all week. Over 1000 fans were turned away before the first game even started. Who was going to show up for the featured game at the Drew League between the Game’s Money Gang and Baron Davis’ LAUNFD? The LAUNFD roster

Octavius Johnson Lands Role in Ray Donovan

You might remember a few months back when Sports Studio was on EA Sports “GameTime”. For the feature, Octavius Johnson, a native of Baltimore, Maryland took a bus from Burbank to our office in Torrance. From there, he interviewed our CEO

Sunblunders – Landon Donovan

  What is the one thing you should always put on before stepping foot outside? Pants, yes of course pants, but there is something else just as important. If you said pants again you’re still right. However we’re looking for a

Under Armour- #IWILL

  It’s August 1st, the season is rapidly approaching and every position is up for grabs. Football players across the country all face the same challenge – hell week, which means 2-a-days in the summer heat. Who will step up?

Right Guard Commercial – “Unfresh”

You’re at a party. It’s crowded, and everyone is sweating, dancing the night away. The scent of body odor is pervasive. Nobody will dance with you. Right now, there’s one guy you don’t want to be. And you’re that guy. You’re the guy, who forgot

ABC’s Back in the Game

Every year they prepare themselves, hoping this will be the year for their team. But we know, as well as they know, how their story ends. It ends in agony and disappointment and losses, lots and lots of losses. They are the fans of the lovable

“One More” – Gatorade Commercial

Life can be draining. Free throws. Draining. Tests. Draining. Class. Draining. Girlfriends. Draining. Traffic. Draining. Airport security. Draining. Being sick. Draining. Reading this blog. Draining. For the last 48 years Gatorade has helped