Archive: August 2013

Geena Davis Funny Or Die

Geena Davis (A League of Their Own) recently teamed up with the folks at Funny Or Die on this interesting bit. We re-created a bit of cinema history, providing the original uniform from the film. Geena flashes back to ‘Dottie’ in

Where Can I Rent Baseball Uniforms?

Where Can I Rent Baseball Uniforms? Are you looking for baseball uniforms for your next production? Whether it’s a movie, TV show, commercial, or a print advertisement, no matter how big, or how small, Sports Studio can help. Maybe you

Brand Inventory Project – MoGo Sport Mouth Guards

Sports Studio is excited to announce the addition of Mogo Sport Mouth Guards to our brand inventory list. The Brand Inventory Project has been extremely beneficial for stylists and production companies alike. With the continued addition of

Colin Kaepernick GQ Cover September 2013

We don’t often get calls from fashion magazines, let alone calls from fashion magazines requesting NFL uniforms. Here’s a dramatization of what we’re sure happened at the daily sales meeting: Employee 1: “GQ called. They

Is Ben Affleck good at Basketball?

He wrote his first Academy Award winning screenplay at 25. He won an Oscar for best Director at 41. But can Ben Affleck play basketball? While he quickly gave up the ball in Buffy, it has been a while since we’ve seen him play. The

NFL and USA Football- Heads Up

With their “Heads Up Football” program, the partnership between the NFL and USA Football  is aimed at improving the fundamentals, training and education to make football a safer sport. To learn more about how the NFL and USA Football

What is a Stylist?

You might be asking yourself, “What is a stylist?” Some people think it’s someone who’s up to date on fashion, and has a lot of style. After Sports Studio’s 40+ years in the industry we know first hand that