Archive: October 2013

Where can I rent soccer uniforms?

With the World Cup Brazil 2014 right around the corner, many of you might be wondering where you can rent soccer uniforms. You’ve come to the right place. With Sports Studio’s new licensed relationship with the USSF, we are able to lend

McDonald’s: Some Things Never Change

When your burger disappears, it’s easy to point the finger at the Hamburglar. Not this time. The 1993 McDonald’s commercial called “The Showdown” starring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird was an instant classic. In 2010, a second rendition called

Duckprints: Help Fight Pediatric Cancer

The duck is back. Not that we really missed him. Or that he was really injured. Beyond comebacks in the sense of injured athletes, Aflac’s I Made A Comeback campaign celebrates real people’s recovery stories. As the official sponsor of everyday

Gillette NFL – Protect Your Face

So, we’re sure you know – if you don’t, you should – that Sports Studio works with Clay Matthews all the time. Our month wouldn’t feel complete without sending Matthews’ uniform to a commercial set. This time however, all of Clay’s wardrobe

Comcast Xfinity

Live sports weren’t meant to be DVRed. According to ESPN Research 96% of the networks’ viewing is done in real time. For every dedicated fan that means the rest of the world stops at game time. Forget daily responsibilities, work, or peripheral

Brandon Marshall Monday Night Football

It’s Monday night. Do you know what that means? It’s Tuesday tomorrow? Yes, but no. A brand new episode of the Voice? Yes, but we’re looking for something else… You know who does know what it means? Brandon Marshall knows