Archive: December 2013

Nike’s Winter Wonderland

People have certain ideas about a winter wonderland. Take Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ for example: Good ol’ classic Bing. Well, Nike’s idea of winter wonderland is a little different. A rugged, action packed, sports

California Almonds: Crunch On

Whether you’re playing sports, going for a walk, or working away in your cubicle, sometimes a lunch break isn’t enough to get you through the day. No, we’re not telling you to go pound a Red Bull, another cup of coffee or even a 5-hour

Sports Studio and MLS #WatchThis

Major League Soccer (MLS) sent us a soccer ball for their #WatchThis campaign. Our creative team decided to animate a photo using the parallax technique. We also decided to send one of the MLS soccer balls over to our friends at GoPro. This is

MLS and GoPro

Major League Soccer (MLS) asked us to send a few custom soccer balls to our friends for the MLS Cup. We sent one to GoPro and this is what happened. See the people & the facilities that make GoPro what it is as they jump, dribble, run &