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Why do Olympic athletes bite their medals?

There are things that make sense in sports, but this is not one of those things, at least on the surface. In the Olympics – the most regal of sporting events – there are the opening ceremonies, the Olympic rings, the torch and oath, but one of

Office Curling Finals 2014

Our Office Curling competition got a little out of hand after this miraculous shot to win the Gold Medal.       We’re already having Olympic withdrawals, so we decided to host our very own Curling Tournament, utilizing

Sports Studio Marketing: GoPro and MLS Case Study

In the Fall of 2013, the MLS launched the #WatchTHIS campaign during the MLS Cup Playoffs. Already utilizing traditional broadcast advertising and a full social push, the MLS commissioned a street artist to design 50 custom game balls to send to

Arbys French Dip & Swiss

Are you addicted to dipping and dunking? Maybe you’re a professional slam dunker? You could be an adult that loves the nostalgic feeling Dunkaroos provide? Perhaps you work the dunk-tank at carnival? If none of these quite fit your

“Break Point” to Debut at SXSW

Tennis fans rejoice, your sport will finally hit the big screen. Long overdue too.  Even bowling had that  Disney movie Alley Cats Strike. (For a hilarious rant on the absence of tennis in sports entertainment we highly recommended reading


William H. Macy made his directorial debut last month as his film “Rudderless” closed the Sundance Film Festival. The musical drama tells a story of a father who finds catharsis as he plays music written by his late son. The film

Katherine Webb for Carl’s Jr.

To sum this commercial up in one word: “Yup.” Beyond that, we’re rendered speechless. Let’s just let Katherine Webb do all the talking. Here she is again in a behind the scenes video on the making of this spot. Sports

Nissan’s Heisman House

Thirteen Heisman trophy winners. One mansion. All these high profile football players living together under one roof? We thought it was too good to be true. So we Googled it. And it was. Sad face. However, we did learn a lot of behind the scenes

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials

The Super Bowl is arguably our favorite day of the year. Sports Studio had a hand in the following Super Bowl commercials- We provided the red football and cheerleader uniforms in this Carmax Slow Clap commercial. This squarespace commercial