Archive: May 2014

Casting Spotlight – TaylorMade

The production and entertainment industry is a non-stop freight train. So when possible we love to look back on some of the projects that we’ve worked on. Like this one for instance. Sports Studio Casting provided scratch golfers for this

McDonald’s Smart Money Commercial

A lime green Lamborghini? You’ve got our attention. A half court in the entry way? Yes please. A check for 25 mil just laying around? Casual. The peacocks? Hmmm, we can live without ’em. But those Sports Studio basketball jerseys

It’s a #RoughLife with Eric Decker

Let us ask you this, ladies, how great would it be if New York Jets’ Eric Decker could stand-in as your husband for date night? No sports. No complaints. No heavy sighs because it is date night and football is on. Just you and Eric Decker,