Adidas adiZero 5 STAR with Eric Berry

Adidas is losing weight.

A few months ago, the company released their adiZero model on the feet of NBA MVP Derrick Rose. The shoes, weighing only 9.8 ounces, were the lightest basketball shoes ever. The commercial has quick cuts, just like the MVP.

Even with the lockout, still being, well locked out, last week, the company released their newest model of football cleats that are even lighter than Rose’s adiZeros.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Safety Eric “The 5th Dimension” Berry stars in the commercial for these brand new cleats. Berry, who is ridiculously fast, is going to be even faster with these cleats, as they weigh only 6.9 ounces– the lightest football cleats ever.

For this spot, Sports Studio worked on the officially licensed Raiders uniform, including the helmet, which Berry blasts in the commercial.

And here is a picture of the helmet we made for the commercial.