Alfani Suits Do The Wave

We’ve all participated in the wave.

Outside of the US,  the wave is commonly referred to as the “Mexican wave,” having made its international television debut in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. However, the exact origin of the wave is (unsurprisingly) difficult to trace.

Cheerleader “Krazy” George Henderson argues that he single handedly started the phenomenon on October 15th, 1981 at an Oakland A’s playoff game. Yet University of Washington cheerleaders also claim they invented the wave on October 31st the same year.

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In retrospect, considering “Krazy” George’s wave took place sixteen days before UW’s, it seems obvious which wave came first. Even so, the Husky’s fought to be acknowledged as the creators of the pastime.

According to “Krazy” George, “Those who might say that this is frivolous have never created anything that made the entire world stand up and cheer and then have someone else try to take the credit.”


Long standing dispute aside, “Krazy” George’s wave has been commonly recognized as the first recorded audience wave.

After all that fuss, who’s to say the first wave recorded on film was actually the first wave?


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