Allen Iverson Jersey Retirement

Normally when you hear Allen Iverson’s name, you immediately think someone is talking about “Practice”. But now, the word on everyone’s mind is “Retirement”.

The NBA, Adidas and the 76ers wanted to honor 11-time All-Star guard, Allen Iverson. But they weren’t just talking about retiring one jersey. They were in here talking about retiring 11 of his All-Star jerseys.

The catch? Each jersey was different, very different.

So they asked Sports Studio to help because we’ve had lots of practice.

Our design team created a layout of the patterns. Since the jerseys have different shades and colors within the material we needed to use a technique called sublimation. Sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials. We then took the vector artwork which was provided by the NBA, plotted the pattern in the correct positions, and begin production.

Each jersey was framed and all 11 all-star jerseys were displayed behind AI.

Iverson ended his speech by saying “And now it’s time to party.” Party away Mr. Iverson, you deserve it.