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The American Wrestler: The Wizard is a film based on real events that bring together history and sports. The film follows Ali Jahani, a teenager, who escapes from Iran during the Iranian revolution and makes his way to Northern California to stay with his uncle. Thinking he escaped the worst, he faces plenty of racism and hostility in his new town due to the Iran Hostage Crisis involving both Iran and the United States. This all leads to Ali joining his school’s wrestling team.

Watch the trailer below.

Some recognizable actors featured in this film are William Fichtner and Jon Voight who both play characters who work at Ali’s new school.

The American Wrestler: The Wizard has been shown across the country at different film festivals and has already won multiple awards like the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival and Best Film at the Boston Film Festival. The film officially releases in theaters on Friday November 11th, but will be shown at the Napa Valley Film Festival during its opening weekend.

Sports Studio worked with ESX Entertainment to provide many of the sports uniforms and gear featured in this film. We provided the coaches jackets, period basketball shorts, shoes, knee pads, wrestling singlets, boots, headgear, rugby shirts, pom poms, letterman jackets and customized gear by adding the school’s name to them.

Sports Studio provided the wresting uniforms for this film

We provided the customized letterman jackets for this movie

Sports Studio provided the letterman jackets in this film

We provided the customized wrestling singlets for this film

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