Arbys French Dip & Swiss

Are you addicted to dipping and dunking?

Maybe you’re a professional slam dunker?

You could be an adult that loves the nostalgic feeling Dunkaroos provide?

Perhaps you work the dunk-tank at carnival?

If none of these quite fit your lifestyle, there’s still hope.

Arby’s new French Dip and Swiss.

Stop eating boring sandwiches without anything to dip, dunk, or splash into.

Start dipping like you mean it, just be sure to watch where you dip, especially if you’re a teacher grading papers, or a window washer washing windows. These two professions are known to be the most reckless dippers of all. Most importantly if you’re at a sporting event, and you’re sporting a Sports Studio football jersey, eat like a classy lady gentleman and don’t get that jersey dirty. Nothing is worse than a dirty jersey.