Authentic Football Uniforms | Sports Studio


While Sports Studio has grown to be the biggest name in providing any sports production service, at our very core, we still have the heritage of Sportsrobe channeling through our veins. Wardrobe and props has been our bread and butter for well over 4 decades now, and a very popular part of that has been our football uniform rentals.

From period pieces like Leatherheads, to modern day NFL uniforms for Gatorade commercials and custom football uniforms for Adidas, we’re able to provide rentals for whatever the production needs. To give you an idea, we’ve done football rentals for: TV Shows, Film, Commercials, Musicals, Live Events, Photo Shoots, and Music Videos.

Need a specific face mask for your football helmet? Talk to one of our wardrobe experts and they’ll advise you on what works best for your needs.

Need those Nike or Under Armour football cleats as part of the uniform? Don’t worry, we have those too.

Compression shirts, shorts, skullcaps, wristbands, arm bands, —you name it, we have it.

We are the entertainment rental provider for the NFL, which means that if they trust us, then you can trust us.

From fabrics to design, order to delivery, and concept to on set, Sports Studio provides you with what you need to get your production finished at the highest standard.

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