Baseball is better, according to Danny McBride.

We’re sure there are a few folks that would disagree with Danny McBride when he claims that baseball is the best of all sports. But for the sake of this blog, let us humor him and agree. Baseball is better.

It is, after all, America’s favorite pastime. What’s not to love?

– Hot dogs.

– Beer.

– Cracker Jacks.

– The 7th inning stretch, singing, “Take me out to the ball game.”

– Cotton candy.

– Kiss cam (awww).

– The wave.

– Did we mention beer?

Nostalgia sets in.

You can almost feel the sun beating down on your face, sounds all around, “Get your pop-corn! Cracker Jacks? Cotton candy!” You see that the wave is headed your way, you’re standing up, cheering loudly, waving your arms, and a bit of someone’s ice cold beer spills at your feet. But you don’t have a care in the world, because you’re at the good ol’ baseball game.

Many would agree that this is the definition of summer bliss. Perhaps Steve Busby said it best:

“Baseball, to me, is still the national pastime because it is a summer game. I feel that almost all Americans are summer people, that summer is what they think of when they think of their childhood. I think it stirs up an incredible emotion within people.”

In this Sony Playstation spot, Danny McBride tells us (in his own, quirky way) why baseball is, in fact, the best sport.

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