Better Reality | Odell Beckham Jr. | Verizon

Virtual reality has been heralded as the future. You could use it as a tool for surgical training, to watch the football game through a player’s lens, to sit in on a international business conference, or to explore the world in your favorite MMORPG — the opportunities are virtually endless, pun intended.

Still, if you’re of the old school train of thought, nothing beats real experiences.

So Momentum Worldwide and Verizon took the best of both worlds: they prepared a VR headset and glove, and told the Verizon customers that they would be throwing to a virtual football to a virtual Odell Beckham Jr.

They lied.

The real Odell Beckham Jr. was catching real footballs in a real uniform that we provided.

Since our shtick is to make scripted sports content look as authentic as possible on screen, it was a natural fit for us to provide the football gear for this spot.

Sportsrobe full ny giants football uniform

Provide full ny giants football uniform for odell beckham jr.

If you’re working on a virtual reality production and want to make your sports look as authentic as possible, call us at (310) 303-4467 or email We’ve worked on VR productions with Microsoft and Gatorade, and we’d love to help out on yours.