Bose “Pushing the Limit” Commercial with Russell Wilson and Clay Matthews

Focus—that’s what the latest Bose commercial underlines. That’s what makes players like Wilson and Mathews great, in training, in the spotlight, and on the field.

Sports Studio worked with the Bose production team, Serial Pictures and CAA Sports to provide all of the official Seahawks and Packers uniforms you see in this commercial, including uniforms worn by Russell Wilson and Clay Matthews. But, a lot more went on behind the scenes before we could deliver the final product.

We worked with Nike to source any of the licensed Seahawks and Packers uniforms, cleats, and weight lifting gear that we didn’t already have in our inventory. We then custom-lettered the names and numbers to the jerseys  featured in the spot.

For both the Seahawks and the Packers, we meticulously matched team and player preferences to film, ensuring every player’s sleeve, face mask, and glove was accurate to game day.

We pride ourselves on getting it right, and to complete the pass, our On-Set Sport Tech went to fittings as well as the two shoot locations. Here in Los Angeles, then flown up to Seattle, our On-Set Sport Tech worked with the costume department to outfit the athletes the day of the shoot. As those who’ve worked with him can attest, our On-Set Sport Tech works with a thorough precision that is second to none, ensuring both authenticity and efficiency.

In addition to the players on the field, we also helped outfit game officials and the chain gang, whose uniforms we also provided.

For a closer look at the officially licensed sports wardrobe we supplied, we’ve highlighted some of our work in the screenshots below.

Bose pushing the limit commercial

Bose pushing the limit commercial 2

Bose pushing the limit commercial  3

Bose pushing the limit commercial  4

Bose pushing the limit commercial  5

Bose pushing the limit commercial  6

Bose pushing the limit commercial  7