“Break Point” to Debut at SXSW

Tennis fans rejoice, your sport will finally hit the big screen.

Long overdue too.  Even bowling had that  Disney movie Alley Cats Strike.

(For a hilarious rant on the absence of tennis in sports entertainment we highly recommended reading Bleacher Report’s “Top 10 Tennis Movies of All Time…Uh I Mean Top 5…Nope, I mean top 3….” )

Director Jay Kara’s ”Break Point” will debut next month at SXSW. The film stars Jeremy Sisto and David Walton as two estranged brothers who team up as doubles partners and attempt to win a grand slam tennis tournament.  The movie also stars J.K. Simmons, Adam DeVine, Chris Parnell, Amy Smart, and Joshua Rush.

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See “Break Point” on March 8th at 7:45 pm at the Topfer Theater at SXSW.


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