Brian Wilson, his beard, and the XXL Chalupa

Brian Wilson, is the newest face of Taco Bell. The eccentric and crazy haired SF Giants pitcher is the perfect spokesperson for the mexican fast food joint. If his peculiar personality, mohawk, or spandex suit he wore at the 2011 ESPY’s weren’t enough to grab your attention, then his thick, dyed beard sure will be. It’s so big it should have it’s own zip code.

The MLB star is the latest, but not the first athlete to promote the famous resturant chain. Remember Charles Barkley and the $5 buck box? Or Lamar Odom in the Taco Bell Super Bowl ad ? Well, now we can say we had a part in Brian Wilson and the XXL Chalupa.

Sports Studio dressed the New England native in full Giant’s attire. We provided the authentic uniform including the hat, jersey and baseball pants. We also groomed his famous locks (beard included) with a fine tooth comb for guranteed perfection. Well, not really. But we did do the wardrobe.

You can’t just put any ordinary jersey on an extraordinary guy like this. Here’s a close up of the Majestic Cool Base Performance jersey.

And here’s a closer look at his large and in charge facial hair.

Watch Brian Wilson in head to toe Sports Studio gear as he spices up Taco Bell’s latest commercial. We hope you whip up a big appetitie for the XXL Chalupas. They’re so big they give BW’s beard a run for it’s money.