Bush’s Baked Beans Doggy Jersey by Sports Studio

It’s not often we get calls from production companies asking to create a custom sports jersey for a household pet. But this isn’t just any house pet, this is the canine secret bearer of the Bush’s Baked Beans’ family recipe– Duke. And there was

Bush’s Baked Beans’ resident spokes-dog is back! This go-around in a Sports Studio custom doggy jersey just in time for football season.

Not only did we make a custom doggy jersey, we also made a matching one for Duke’s owner, only his was a bit larger than his canine companion’s.

Unfortunately, Duke did not share Bush’s secret family recipe with Sports Studio, but it was clear that he enjoyed his jersey as you can tell by his strut in the newest Bush’s commercial.

Bush’s Baked Beans Gameday Commercial from Sports Studio on Vimeo.