Cake or Football? | The Late Late Show

Prior to Super Bowl 50, the Broncos had lost more Super Bowls than any other team in the NFL. Before the big game, with all the predictions coming in, the odds were against them once again.  

Even with the Panthers being favored to win this year, James Corden the host of the Late Late Show, announced during an episode that he predicted the Denver Broncos will take home the big trophy this year.

And he was right.

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl for the 3rd time this past February.

Being British, Corden admitted to knowing very little about American football, so what better way to predict who will win than by hosting a friendly competition between 2 die-hard fans representing each team.

No doubt, whichever fan wins, then their favorite team will also win. You might laugh at his logic after watching this video, but if it worked for Corden, then maybe it will help you next year when you are putting bets down on the Super Bowl.

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Sportsrobe provided NFL Panthers and Broncos fan jerseys
Provided Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos fan jerseys

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