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How Refreshing | Food Lion

If you don’t live on the East Coast, then you probably haven’t heard of Food Lion. It is a grocery store company with over 1,000 markets scattered around South-Eastern United States. Food Lion wants to help nourish children and help them grow up

Your Ticket Out | Stubhub

We all have those nights when we ask ourselves if we rather go out or just stay home. Although one may take more effort than the other, going out to a sports event, concert, or show will definitely be more memorable. Because years from now, you

Pledge | KFC

In an announcement on April 4th, KFC presented its Re-Colonelization initiative, investing $185 million into a “refreshed focus on its menu and upgrading all KFC US kitchens and remodeling 3,000 assets.” While most of the rebranding efforts are