TV Shows

ABC’s Back in the Game

Every year they prepare themselves, hoping this will be the year for their team. But we know, as well as they know, how their story ends. It ends in agony and disappointment and losses, lots and lots of losses. They are the fans of the lovable

Costas At The Movies

You may have seen that Bob Costas will be revisiting classic baseball films from history this month on the MLB Network. The Series is aptly titled ‘Costas At The Movies’ and wouldn’t you know, Sports Studio had a hand in every

Fox NFL Sunday- Riggle’s Picks

You may remember him from his correspondent work on The Daily Show, a one season cast member on Saturday Night Live or his role as a cop in The Hangover, but what Rob Riggle is currently up to may be some of his best work yet. The US Marine

2012 Sunday Night Football- Faith Hill

You won’t hear this song on the radio any time soon, at least we hope not. But pre-game network football songs have become somewhat of an NFL tradition. Cheesy lyrics? Absolutely. Cameos by the league’s best? Why not. Bright,

Jim Parsons playing baseball

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The star of The Big Bang Theory playing baseball, kind of. Jim Parsons didn’t necessarily play baseball as much as he dressed up as a 1920’s baseball player, posed awkwardly and made silly

2011 Highlight Reel

Sports Studio was a part of some of 2011’s biggest projects in scripted sports content. From this summer’s biggest blockbuster– The Dark Knight Rises– to hundreds of commercials that you see everyday, Sports Studio was an integral

Football Freakonomics: Tebow Timing

160 times in one hour. That’s how many Tebow references ESPN made in one hour of Sportscenter. Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing sports figures ever. People love to talk about him. And “love” might not be a strong enough