Chobani Champions with Jennie Finch

You may have noticed that Greek yogurt has taken over your dairy section at the supermarket. And for good reason, the yogurt has more protein, less fat and is creamier than the standard run of the mill yogurt.

Skeptical about the taste? Let’s put it this way, we even eat it here at Sports Studio. Still not enough for you to try it?

What if two-time Olympic gold medalist and one of the best pitcher’s in softball history told you to try it?

For the commercial with Jennie Finch, Sports Studio provided the uniforms for the youth baseball scene. Taken from stock in our warehouse, we can’t say that these are custom uniforms by any means– they have been going out on commercial, tv and movie shoots for over a decade.

The popular polyester look reads little league on camera and the red and whites you see below have been pulled by countless projects from our warehouse.