Clay Matthews is the most popular person on our website. Dozens of people come to looking for Clay Matthews info, stories and the pictures, definitely the pictures. According to our web analytics, it’s the pictures from the Muscle & Fitness cover with Clay sans shirt that everyone is after.

Well, we can’t promise any more shirtless Clay Matthews’ pictures, but we are offering a whole lot of Clay. So much Clay, it takes up 5 commercials.

In these most recent Gillette internet spots, Clay Matthews talks to Clay Matthews about all kinds of things. And, to make matters more interesting Clay doesn’t agree with Clay, especially about nicknames.

Or who is the best quarterback of all time.

Or which NFL player had the best performance of the year.

But one thing they can agree on is who is the best looking linebacker in the NFL.

For these Out-CLAY-geous spots, Sports Studio provided Clay Matthews with his home and away Green Bay Packers jerseys, pants and socks. We also provided set decoration for the shoot, sending shoulder pads and authentic Nike jerseys.