Colin Kaepernick GQ Cover September 2013

We don’t often get calls from fashion magazines, let alone calls from fashion magazines requesting NFL uniforms.

Here’s a dramatization of what we’re sure happened at the daily sales meeting:

Employee 1: “GQ called. They need one San Francisco 49ers uniform.”

Employee 2: “Woah, woah woah, GQ? As in GQ GQ ?”

Employee 1: “Yes, GQ, GQ– Gentlemen’s Quarterly, like the magazine. They need one Colin Kaepernick uniform, head to toe.”

(Silence, as everyone tries to imagine what a non-Mark Sanchez GQ shoot would look like)

Whether it’s a fashion, commercial or film shoot, Sports Studio goes to great lengths to complete the pass. So as the NFL’s audience continues to grow, there’s no telling who is going to be requesting uniforms next.

For this production, we provided one NFL on-field authentic Colin Kaepernick uniform from top to bottom, including his jersey, which didn’t make it into the magazine.