Who made Colton Haynes Dr. Pepper Jacket?

Nothing defines an athlete like their letterman jacket.

From their talents to their achievements, the jacket tells a story. In Dr. Pepper’s case, it looks like they have added Colton Haynes to their Varsity Roster.

For those of you who don’t know Colton Haynes, ask the nearest teenage girl, she will be shocked you don’t know him.

Haynes most recently portrayed a heartthrob Varsity Lacrosse Captain on MTV’s Teen Wolf and the super hero Red Arrow on the CW’s Arrow.

Colton Haynes instagram feed has blown up with over 46,000 likes between his last 2 posts. The hype is real and the jacket is fly.

So, who is it that made this Dr. Pepper Jacket? Us, of course.

Sports Studio turned the jacket design into a reality for Dr. Pepper’s new Varsity Captain Colton Haynes. Below are some great images of the jacket in shop before it was sent out.