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Complete Football Uniform: A Piece by Piece Checklist

At Sports Studio, we deal with production teams with football knowledge that ranges all across the spectrum from avid fans passionate about the sport to those starting from point blank. Even die-hard fans may need some help understanding the nuances to the equipment side of the game, and rightfully so. There are a total of fourteen individual pieces to the most basic football uniform, not to mention the common addition of optional items like compression shorts or gloves.

As a service to our customers, we created this complete player’s equipment checklist — a layout of all the items that make up a full football uniform. We keep copies of this checklist in our office that customers can grab and mark up as they browse our inventory.

Of course our sales team is always there to assist or answer any questions. We know there are so many variables when it comes to each of these items. We’ll do our best to help you achieve the authentic look and feel you’re going for on camera.