“Cooking Class” — NFL Mobile, Verizon Wireless

Drew Brees wants to make sure you never miss your NFL games, and will do everything in his power to remind you of that. In this 30 second Verizon spot from Wasserman Media, Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, drops in on a first date at their Sunday cooking class to educate the man on the NFL Mobile app. Unfortunately, the date takes a turn for the worse when the guy turns away from his date for a brief moment to unlock the greatness that is a live Sunday NFL game.

Luckily for us, Drew Brees and the head-to-toe uniform we provided came out of this commercial without a scratch… or singed eyebrows.

Although we carry official NFL uniforms and equipment, we also offer in depth customization services, covering everything from logo design to on-set tech and fittings for your production.

Beyond wardrobe and apparel, we also boast the largest national casting database for athletes.

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