Coors Light Tailgating with Herm Edwards

Nothing screams football more than a round of icy cold beers. In promoting their latest game time commercial, Coors Light went straight to the pros.

The frost brewed company turned to former player, coach, and NFL analyst Herman Edwards and Hollywood’s authentic sports leader, Sports Studio, for assistance.

When the brews reach ultimate coldness, the can’s mountains turn blue. And if that’s not enough to let you know that your beer is cold, Coors Light recently installed the color-changing bars that read COLD or SUPER COLD (obviously colder than COLD) on their cans and bottles as well.

And while our jerseys don’t change color based on temperature, we provided blue and white jerseys for the tailgaters in spirit of the COLD and SUPER COLD Bars.

Here’s a closer look at the authentic jersey worn above.

Watch as Herm Edwards rallies his tailgating team behind the refreshing beverage in the latest Coors Light commerical.

Be sure to be on the lookout throughout the season for this ad and many more Sports Studio related commercials. Bottoms up!