Countdown to Halloween- Sports Studio Style

We are two weeks away from Halloween. And if you’re like us, you haven’t even thought about your costume yet. But the clock is ticking and the costume shelves are emptying out at shops across the nation, so it’s time to get that costume in gear.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Over the next two weeks, we will be peppering you with some of our best ideas from our vast warehouse.

Obviously you may not be able to match our costume ideas exactly, but we’re sure you can make it work (as we did in this case).

Inspired by our recent work with the beard himself, here’s idea number one:

Now here’s the real deal with Adrienne, the intern, making it work with the jersey that Brian Wilson wore from the Taco Bell commercial:

And yes, she is using her hair as a beard.

Stay up to date on our Facebook page as we countdown towards Halloween with many more sports-centric costume ideas. And don’t be afraid to submit your own costume ideas on our page, you might end up with some Sports Studio swag to show for your effort.