Crash the Glass | State Farm

Just like Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers in “State Farm Pep Talk”, Chris Paul also hypes up his team before a home game in another State Farm commercial. “Crash the Glass” was released earlier this month.

Watch the ad below featuring Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and Damian Lillard.

This hilarious ad gives the basketball terms “crash the glass” and “own the paint” another meaning. State Farm wants people to think about protecting their homes, as well as combining their home and auto insurance.

Sports Studio worked with Radical Media to provide the full Los Angeles Clippers NBA uniforms worn by Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and the rest of the team. This includes their customized basketball jerseys, shorts, NBA compression tanks, compression tights, socks, and basketball shoes.

We provided Chris Paul with his Clippers uniform in this State Farm commercial

We provided DeAndre Jordan with his Clippers uniform in this commercial

We provided Chris Paul's Clippers uniform in this ad

Sports Studio provided all of the Los Angeles Clippers uniforms in this State Farm commercial

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