Dairy Queen- Bears Eating Blizzards

Dairy Queen called, they wanted us to design bears. So we did.

We should probably clarify, we designed the bears who were eating the blizzards. These bears-

Oops, our mistake. We didn’t design those bears eating blizzards, we created these Bears-

Our creative department worked with the stylist and the production company to create custom uniforms for the whole team from head to toe. As you can tell, we provided the client with several color and logo options for their approval.

Having worked with hundreds of clients on all sorts of design requests, our creative department is confident that we can satisfy any production’s custom sports needs.

And not only can we simply design the uniforms, we turn them into a reality as well, just as we did for this Dairy Queen ad.

For more info about our design work, check out some of our samples in our Creative Services Section of the website.

You can also see additional images from the shoot below-