De-Stress Commercial | Carli Lloyd | Hand & Stone

In soccer, a hat-trick happens when a player scores 3 consecutive goals within the same game, without being interrupted by any other goals 

Seems difficult right? It is, and especially during a World Cup Championship game.

US Soccer athlete Carli Lloyd stunned the world when she completed a hat trick in 16 minutes. She even topped it off by scoring her third goal all the way from half field.

Todd Leff, CEO of Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa, started a deal with Carli Lloyd a few weeks before the 2015 Women’s World Cup. So when Lloyd had one of the best performances of her career, he was certain he lost her.

But Lloyd, who incorporates massage in her weekly routine, did not back out. She said, “Regular massages have become an important piece to my success and the health of my body… I try to get massages at least twice a each week so that I can perform at the highest level possible.” Lloyd is now the company’s 1st national spokesperson.

We worked with stylist Bon Russel to provide the soccer uniform Lloyd wears in this Hand & Stone commercial.

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