Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game | Buzzfeed | Friskies

Have you ever wondered what goes through your pet’s head? Well, allow Buzzfeed and Friskies to show you. For this particular video, Buzzfeed and Friskies share the experience of Super Bowl weekend, through the perspective of Cat, talking to Kitten.

Through Cat’s eye, we see the peculiar things we, as humans, do during the Super Bowl. For example, spilling more food on us than normal, “sucking out our intelligence” through strange cylindrical devices, and “trying to be the first to jump up and shout louder than anyone else in the room.”

We can’t speak for all cats, but Cat is definitely perceptive of his surroundings. He even noticed the “traditional robes of some sort” that we provided for this spot.

For this piece of content, we provided the 5 blue jerseys used by the football fans in the video. Considering Cat acknowledged our “robes,” we feel pretty good about how this video turned out.

Check out our work in the pictures below.