Dick’s Sporting Goods, “Every Snap”

Forty seconds.

That’s how long the play clock is in football.

Forty seconds to call the next play, make substitutions, get the team set, send guys in motion and audible.

Forty seconds to create success. And that’s what the newest Dick’s Sporting Goods’ commercial is all about.

What’s visually distinct in this commercial is there are no cuts. One minute without a single cut creates a sense of realism. After all, in reality, there are no cuts.

The tracking (or sequence) shot allows the action on the field to tell the story. The movement of the camera through the game sequence takes the audience out of the stands as a spectator and visually places them on the field.

The brains behind the incredible commercial, Anomaly and Radical Media, teamed up with Director Derek Cianfrance yet again after their tremendous success on the first in this “Every” series.

And while recalling that incredibly real baseball shoot, Sports Studio was ready to contribute to the authenticity of this football commercial in any way we could.

Through our Brand Inventory Project, Sports Studio was able to product place 44 brand new Xenith helmets in the commercial. We still can’t believe how good the X2 helmets look on camera.

Additionally, Sports Studio provided cheerleader uniforms, referee uniforms, all the custom sideline gear, and helped customize the jerseys, pants and socks.