Dikembe Mutombo blocking shots for Geico’s Super Bowl Commercial

For almost 20 years, if you were driving to the rim in an NBA game, there was one man you didn’t want to see guarding the rim– Dikembe Mutombo.

The ferocious shot-blocking, finger-wagging import dominated the paint on the defensive end, while off the court this gentle giant has dedicated his life to charity and philanthropy.

But in the latest Geico commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XLVII, Mutombo shows how much he enjoys blocking shots off the court as well.

Everything about this commercial is excellent, from the finger wag to Dikembe’s husky chuckle. The best part is how much Mutombo seems to be enjoying what he does, and it shines through. And may we add that the custom uniform for the 7-foot-2 giant that Sports Studio manufactured adds a nice touch of authenticity as well.

We also made a warm-up set for the four time defensive player of the year, but it didn’t make it in the commercial, though we heard it kept Mutombo warm on set.