DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket—The Landing

Most people would consider a super fan as someone who catches every game—every timeout, field goal, offside, touchdown, and punt block.

In our book, they also need to have a super wardrobe. No, not a cape or tights, more along the lines of official, NFL licensed super wardrobe.  And that we’ve got—have you seen our collection?

Collection Shot

This DirecTV spot titled “The Landing” features the world’s most powerful fan, who happens to have just relocated from Philly. In this case, this super fan is not only a die-hard, Eagles fanatic, but also appears to have either teleportation or flight capabilities. Sure, he may have done some impromptu remodeling of the lawn, sidewalks, and streets, but more importantly, he’s wearing one of our Nike Eagles jerseys.

We worked with Grey Global Group Inc  to supply an official NFL jersey for this spot.  Sports Studio is the industry leader in putting licensed apparel on camera. We have licensed relationships with the top leagues in the game, and we will ensure everything looks good, down to the very last stitch.  Just look at this detail:

Eagles Logo  Eagles Name

 If your production needs NFL gear, why not contact the official licensed partner for entertainment?