DirecTV Sunday Ticket- Deion Sanders and Eli Manning

There’s only one way to watch football on Sundays and that’s with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. Sure, you can see a few local games every Sunday with your standard, run of the mill cable package, but that doesn’t do it for us here at Sports Studio.

We want ALL the games. Heck, we need all the games.

And with NFL Sunday Ticket, you get more than just the games at home, you can stream games live on your phone, I-Pad or computer.

If that’s not enough, fairies will come to your house and perform magic, only kidding.

For Primetime and the little Manning, Sports Studio created a custom uniform from head to toe, which did not, unfortunately, include the wings. However, we did embroider a high quality patch on the sleeve, featuring the DirecTV logo. Here are some shots of our jerseys in action, which include custom three-color numbers.

When it comes to custom sports wardrobe, come to Sports Studio for the highest quality in sports entertainment.